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Sonsoles And Abe Lincoln Story Local Music Friday
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Jose Hernandez from the Sonsoles calls up the Errorfm Hotline at 310-878-4890 to promote a show in Chinatown, a performance at the LA El Salvador Days Festival, and an Awesome Boat ride record release Party Aug 26th. Sonsoles is an International Band from Spain, Dominican Republic, and the USA that sings in Spanish but plays the universal language of Rock n Roll. Find out what their influences are, and where they’ll be playing nest at Get Ticket for the Record Release Cruise. Steve Moramarco from the Abe Lincoln Story comes into the Studio to promote his concert at Taix French Restaurant along with Dallas Don. Steve Speaks of playing with Beck and Green Day, before being allowed to promote his new dances he’s come up with for the show. Look out for a new 45 record from ALS, as well as Steve’s Independent Movie “the Great Intervention


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