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Joel Best promotes his Book “Everyone’s a Winner” and “Stupidity Epidemic”
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Joel Best, noted Sociologist and from the University of Delaware and educated in Berkely calls up the Bill Show to promote his book ‘Everyone’s A Winner’ and ‘the Stupidity Epidemic’, two great and quick reads about the American penchant for Awards ceremonies and the perennial idea that Americans are getting dumber. Joel is the Man who dispelled the Myth that some evil doers are poisoning our children’s Halloween candy, by carefully scanning all the police reports from the last century. This interview he tells what it means and doesn’t mean to have so many awards. Is there Award inflation, and are we nurturing a bunch of award entitled Adults or is this just the democratization of Merit? Its a stunning interview for everyone who was raised Like Ben Stiller‘s Character in Meet the Fockers with 9th place awards for Spirit? find out. Also why does every generation think the next generation is getting dumber? I mean they are, but does Joel think so? Dont bet on it, and find out his defense of America’s most precious resource– our children’s brains.  Find his books and more about Joel here Check out his ‘Damned Lies and Statistics’ and find why Trump thinks he’s so smart, but acts so Dumb in ‘Flavor of the Month‘ A must read author for your Kindle or Nook   

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