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Michael Paul Gonzalez is In Search of a City – L.A. in 1000 words
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Bill gets Paul Michael Gonzalez from Thunderdome Press to come into the Taj Mahoney to explain his new book ‘In Search of a City, Los Angeles in 1000 words’ a collection of Short stories from Authors Ryan Wilson, Stuart Gibbel, Craig Clevenger, Nik Korpon, Dennis Cruz, Pela Via, Stephen Conely, Grigori Black, Doc O’Donnell, Nikki Guerlain, Patrick Verhagen, Craig Wallwork, Nicholas Merlin Karpuk, Nik Houser, H.R. Tardiff, Richard Thomas, Bob Pastorella, Simon West-Bulford, Jay Slayton-Joslin, Amanda Gowan, Chris Deal, Boden Steiner, Gordon Highland, Edward J Rathke, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Victor Bengtsson. It really is a ton of talent to be condensced into one book let alone limit each to exactly 1000 words per story. How did he gather so many writers together for one project, and what is his website’s connection with the Fight Club author Chuck Palahnuik? How did Michael come up with the idea for this book, and find out where the name for his website came from. Check out the live performance by Mike of his Story accompanied by Bill on the Kaossilator, and find out if there are any more live readings of his book scheduled for the future. You can buy the book now from this link or on Amazon after the New Year.  

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In Search of a City

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  1. Thanks for the support, Bill. I’m honored to be in here, and Michael has done such a great job with this—the photography, the collection of stories, and design. It’s a beautiful book, Fun easy reads at 1,000 words a pop.

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