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MX Machine Revived and Rising with Diego Negrete and Dan Sindel
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It was the height of the late 80′s Heavy Metal fury in Los Angeles. Diego Negrete saw his chance with his band MX Machine, got a record contract, a tour and then… Well now he’s reformed the Band with long time Musician friend Dan Sindel and after playing to a full house at the House of Blues with Dokken, it was time for a follow up to their debut album Manic Panic and the Dogtown Sessions Album. Its out now and it’s an EP called Devil’s Highway. Diego Negrete tells the tale of switching their name from the origonal MX, and what it was like getting signed when Record Companies actually paid money for bands. Find out why their demo song Fatal Mistake was actually a very telling omen as the band rocketed from Restless Records to Elektra to Candlepower records and all the Fame and humility that resided in between. He’s a truly genuine man telling a cautionary tale of flying to close to the sun, and surviving for a second flight. Listen to the guys tell their tale here
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MX Machine is Back!

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