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Gilbert Gottfried’s Improv Show and Best of the Week Bill Show
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Arizona figures very heavily in this episode with Gilbert Gottfried calling in from Tempe to promote his St. Patrick’s Day performances at the Tempe Improv. After coming back from sold out shows in Calgary and Edmonton, Gilbert’s ready for the Desert weather. Listen to Gilbert explain AFLAC and Twitter and find out if you’re turning into Gilbert Gottfried like the popular video on . Also remember to follow Gilbert on Twitter @realGilbert and check out his video links and touring schedule to see him when he’s near you at Then it’s onto a simple love story between a man and a car as told by Bill so that even his female listeners would understand this weird male infatuation with machines and tools and old cars. This is about a Subaru 360, so yes its a little gay. Finally in the week its a little news to keep our eyes and minds open for the wonder of scientific discovery. After a story where Paleoanthropologists say they have yet to determine what the species of man is, Bill reads a story about a new species of frog discovered in NYC. Finally, ever wonder why spiders don’t stick to the webs they catch others in? Find out here…
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Look, love is definitely in the air. Lol

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