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Oscar Guitierrez Pressing Community Flesh on the Bill Show for the 51st
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Oscar Guitierrez is a candidate for the Newly formed 51st district Assembly seat for the State of California. He describes himself as this on his website “ I will be a voice for our community up in Sacramento. Oscar Gutierrez (Democrat)
Priorities: State Budget, public safety, State wide security reform, energy and the environment. He also supports: Protecting school budgets from cuts, creating water resources for the state, stopping food waste, insurance reform, regulation of unlicensed industries, job creation, protecting local city & county budgets under Prop 22, creating streams of revenue to balance state budgets, enhancement of state vehicle codes, equal rights, worker rights and homeless rights advocate. ”  
 Listen to Oscar Guitierrez in his own words as he steps into Political Sporting Arena of the Bill Show. Bill and Oscar battle it out over various issues effecting Angelinos and Oscar’s patient persistence of understanding winds up persevering.  Press the Play Button

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This is the first in a series of Local candidates for State and Local Office leading up to the conventions at the end of the summer. These will be the ones fighting for us in Sacramento and town halls, so its important to give and listen to the ideas that will determine our futures. If you have a candidate or a question for a candidate send the to Bill Mahoney    at


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