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Sunflower Dead Jamie and Jaboo visit the Taj
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Metal Band Sunflower Dead members Jamie Teissere, and Jaboo  come into the Taj Mahoney to rap about their newly formed powerhouse of a Band. The band comes out of Long Beach, California and their new album – CD is titled Sunflower Dead and will be released on Aug 20th 2012. You can check them out at Harvelle’s in Long Beach at their CD release party Aug 18th. Recorded at the Cypress Hills and Fear Factory Haunt known as Temple Studios, the songs have a fullness of sound thats been missing in music since the mid seventies. Find out their Korn, Evanescence, Droid, Five Finger Death Punch, Buckethead connections and how they came up with the Name Sunflower Dead. Was there a Van Gogh influence, and why are their eyes so dilated? Released on Bloody Bat Records, Bill asks the duo why is blood and death such a vibrant part of the scene, when the gents who play it seem so well behaved? Which Police song do the Gents cover, and will there be more? Find out in this very revealing insight into Metal culture from KNAC to present day here
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